No matter what your size, Hotel Service Group can improve your amenities. From huge, multistory mid-city hotels to smaller country motel settings, we have exactly what you need, when you need it.


Complete TurnKey Minibar Solution

Our turnkey solution is a complete amenities management program. We provide staffing, product purchasing, inventory maintenance, and extensive financial reporting, all powered by our proprietary software. Additionally, we assist in product selection and offer upscale and unique products to sell which enhance the hotel’s image and theme.


Amenities Manager Software

The Amenities Manager is our comprehensive software platform developed specifically for hospitality amenities management. It will enable the hotel to manage its amenities with optimized efficiency. A broad range of fully customizable financial and product tracking reports are included with the package. We also provide consulting and assistance in setting up daily procedures that work.


Guest Necessities Program

Turn your giveaways into profit! Our exclusive digital-display show case contains guest essentials that your guests … Read more

About Hotel Service Group


Hotel Service Group, powered by eRoomSystem, provides smart and efficient amenity solutions that work. From huge multi-story mid-city hotels to smaller country motel settings, Hotel Service Group can improve your amenities. A leader in the hotel industry, Hotel Service Group uses its extensive knowledge of hospitality amenities to deliver customized products and services.We offer turnkey minibar solutions, the Amenities Manager software and exclusive guest necessity products.


You’re busy rolling out the red carpet for your guests. Let the amenity product experts at HSG take something off your long “to-do” list. We’d be glad to discuss your specific needs so that we can adapt our products for you, make your guests’ stay more pleasant and get you great rating for your accommodations and amenities. Then all you have to do is focus on smiles and hospitality.


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